"For thirty years, I have endured the inconvenience of an upper partial. Then in July 2006, I decided to inquire about the possibility of implants. Fortunately, I was directed to Dr. DiFusco. After much discussion and consultation about the benefits of implants, I decided to go forward with the procedure and I have been very satisfied."

"The implants have literally changed my life. I am now able to eat virtually anything with total comfort and confidence, without the fear or embarrassment of a partial coming loose or breaking. I also tote a bright smile thanks to the color choice for my new teeth.
P.S. For those who fear the dentist chair, I want you to know that the procedure itself was painless and Dr. DiFusco and his assistants made me very comfortable throughout the implant process."
-Annette Truby

"The dictionary describes an implant as "sowed" as in seeds," "to set in, to insert".
To me IMPLANT as used in dentistry, is a "lifesaver". When it becomes necessary to use implants because there are no existing, sound teeth to attach other dental prosthetics, it literally becomes a lifesaver. In my world, teeth are much more important than instruments to chew food…my teeth are part of my personality and IMPLANTS just saved the day for me.
Thank God for IMPLANTS, Dr. Gerard DiFusco and his competent Staff!!"
-Mrs. Shirley DePaolis

"I had a very problematic molar that became infected even after two root canals, so after talking with Dr. DiFusco, I decided to replace it with an implant. Dr. DiFusco not only made the whole procedure entirely comfortable, but the process also took less time than I anticipated. My implant looks and functions as well or better than any molar in my mouth."
-Sally Dixon

"I have been very pleased with the dental implants provided by Dr. DiFusco. The implants have been trouble free and have provided a strong chewing capacity for me, which would have been difficult to achieve by alternative means."
-Olaf Muller

"I am writing about the excellent job Dr. DiFusco did on my dental implant. I was in a car accident almost 8 years ago. The air bag went off in my face and the impact knocked my front tooth out. I immediately called Dr. DiFusco. He saw me right away and recommended a dental implant. I was given a temporary tooth, a "flipper" to wear until my new tooth was to be implanted. The reason I say this, is because I can't believe the difference in self confidence, and the ultimate convenience of having my dental implant instead of a fake tooth that I had to put in every morning and take out every night.

I love my dental implant! It is just like having my own tooth!!! I can't believe the difference from using the flipper. Dr. DiFusco is an excellent dentist. Although it is not the easiest procedure in the world, Dr. DiFusco is very gentle and he really knows what he is doing. He makes the procedure as painless as possible. He is very kind and makes you feel very comfortable. He answers all your questions and he realizes this is all very new to you. People often tell me what nice teeth I have and they have no idea that my front tooth is a dental implant. I am so glad I got this dental implant and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, just as I have always recommended Dr. DiFusco to everyone I know because he is an excellent dentist!!!"
-Sincerely, Marilyn Carson

"I love my new implants and veneers that Dr. DiFusco has given me. The dental work that I had done was instrumental in giving me a much needed confidence boost, which has certainly influenced my professional career. I would recommend anyone who is in need of such work to have it done immediately to experience a similar burst of improved self esteem and well being!!!"
-Susan Spano

"Implants can and will change your life. I find myself talking and smiling more often. Implants feel so natural; there really isn’t any “getting use to them. Dr. DiFusco and staff genuinely care about their patients, and are there for you every step of the way. The BEST part for me - my implants have made it possible for me to chew gum again after 20 + years!! Dental implants are for you; starting your day off with a smile will make for a happier "you"!"
-JoAnn Gefell